Library of Legends and Myths

Welcome to the Library

‘Tis with great sadness that I’ve ‘ad ta close the library down fer repairs. However, I am plannin’ on buildin’ a new one in the very near furture. Until then, I’ll be leavin’ this page just the way it is. I ‘ave taken down all other pages and posts as I’ll be needin’ ta redo each and e’ery one o’ them.

Once I ‘ave the new site up and runnin’, I’ll be leavin’ a link ‘ere. I ‘ave a great plan in me head and I’ll be wantin’ ta share it with the lot o’ ya. I do hope you’ll come by when the time is nigh. But until then, beware the shadows in the dark and dare ta dream with yer eyes open.

Medb, Queen of Connacht


Hello and welcome to the Library of Myths and Legends. Allow me ta introduce meself. My name is Medb. Queen Medb. Yes, that Queen Medb but if ya e’er heard that I was a goddess, please understand that’s it’s not true. I am, however, immortal. Long story.

Anyway, since gainin’ me immortality about 2,000 years ago, I’ve been studyin’ all I can about those known as the Legends. The bein’s who’ve been wanderin’ the Earth since afore the dawn o’ time. The ones who ‘ave been tryin’ ta just be part o’ society.

I’ve also been studyin’ those that came ta be known as the Myths. The reasons the rest of us ‘ave had ta stay in the shadows. The ones who’ve enjoyed the status that came with bein’ known as somethin’ ta be feared.

Now, I’ve a chance ta bring all me knowledge together under one roof. A place where everyone can learn all there is ta know about those known as Legends and Myths. A place to learn the tales o’ the past and the realities o’ the present, in hopes of seein’ a brighter future.

Welcome to the Library.

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